In Haiti, Health Care & Charity Go Hand-in-Hand

Just a glance at the statistical data to understand the alarming health situation in Haiti where health is funded by families at about 70%. There is no efficient insurance or health coverage system and easily families can be quickly ruined by a health situation requiring out-of-pocket expenses. Today 58% of the population is poor and 28% live in extreme poverty with less than $ 1.90 per day. So, there is no need to say more to understand the importance of charitable structures intervening in the health field and breaking down the barriers that make care accessible to the weakest. However, to enhance the efficiency of charitable support, the correct approach is to align the actions of these structures with the priorities and plans of the health system regulator in Haiti (MSPP).


This allows us to connect with the scope and impact of our commitment through the health center and our mobile clinic program. It all started in 2013 when a small clinic was started with the support and help of some friends. In autumn of 2014 we were able to extend our interventions around Port-au-Prince and to places that are difficult to reach or where no health facility exists thanks to the support and funding of MATH (Medical Aid To Haiti). Currently we bring health care to around 15,000 people a year. Our interventions are not limited to the main office at Delmas 60 (PAP) where primary and specialized care clinics are offered (Pediatrics, Surgery, OBGYN, etc ...) but our teams go to the field every day to not only provide care to populations in difficult situations, but also to train them, educate them and involve them in changing their health condition through prevention. The impact is undoubted because this need for health services was unavailable for a long time or even impossible to access.


Very often during our interventions we have faced sanitary situations caused by under nutrition or severe deficiencies in vitamins and nutrients. Overall, food insecurity at the national level affects about 4 million people (40% of the population), a significant portion living in very precarious conditions (extreme poverty). This situation is very glaring in children, 23.4% of whom are between 6 and 59 months of age, suffering from malnutrition. Hence the merits of the nutrition program that has been reoriented with priority for children.


In summary, our personal commitment and the collective leadership that we are promoting at our clinic in Port-au-Prince aim to turn the tide of this great evil. This is not an easy situation to change at all, but we firmly believe that we can do it.


Thank you for your prayers and your support.


Bondye beni nou tout zanmi pèp ayisyen!



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